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How do I add a Subdomain?

This article will walk you through the process of creating a new subdomain using the Plesk control panel.

  1. Log in to Plesk

  2. Once logged in, click the Home button in the left navigation frame.

  3. Click on the domain name you wish to create a subdomain for.

  4. Click on the ‘Subdomains’ button. This will take you to the subdomain manager.

  5. Add a new subdomain by clicking the corresponding button (Add New Subdomain).

  6. Enter the subdomain in the associated field. The SSL support checkbox is optional, and should be used if you intend on using SSL with your subdomain.

  7. If you’d like to use the same FTP information as your main domain to access the subdomain, skip down to the ‘Services’ section. If not, select the checkbox ‘Create a separate FTP user account for this subdomain’. Enter an FTP username and password, along with a hard disk quota. If you do not enter a hard disk quota, the subdomain will be allowed to use all resources included with your main domain.

  8. In the ‘Services’ section, it is advised to check all services. This will ensure that your subdomain can support all the features our hosting accounts offer.

  9. Click the ‘OK’ button to create the subdomain.

After completing the steps above you should have a new subdomain listed on the Plesk ‘Subdomains’ page.

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