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How do I access your API directly?

Our API works via POST requests over HTTPS.

In addition to the user and pw, which should be passed with every command, additional command parameters are as follows:

Command Required Parameters Optional Parameters
create command (create), domain, name (registrant name), street, postcode, country, phone, email, ns1, ns2, opt_out (only Y for IND registrations), legal_type (see Legal Types Article for more info) locality, city, county, co_no (required when legal_type is LTD/PLC/LLP), trad_name (required when legal_type is STRA, optional for LTD/PLC/LLP registrations), ns3, ns4
getCredits command (getCredits) None
getDNS command (getDNS), domain
getInfo command (getInfo), domain None
renew command (renew), domain None
release command (release), domain, gaining_registrar_tag None
transfer command (transfer), domain None
updateContacts command (updateContacts), street, postcode, country, phone, email locality, city, county, opt_out, legal_type, co_no, trad_name (only send these optional parameters if you wish to change the existing details)
updateNameservers command (updateNameservers), domain, ns1, ns2 ns3, ns4

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