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How do I configure SpamAssassin for a mail account?

This article will walk you through the process of configuring SpamAssassin for a mail account using the Plesk control panel.

  1. Log in to Plesk

  2. Once logged in, click the ‘Home’ button in the left navigation frame.

  3. Click the ‘Mail’ button. This will take you to the mail account manager.

  4. Under ‘Mail Accounts’ click on the mail account you wish to configure SpamAssassin for.

  5. Under ‘Tools’ click on the ‘Spam Filter’ button.

  6. Under ‘Preferences’ enter a score that a message must receive to qualify as spam. We would recommend setting this to 4.00 as a starting point.

  7. Enter some text that will appear in the beginning of the subject of each message recognised as spam. The default ****SPAM**** message will be fine for most cases.

  8. Check the box if you want to delete spam mail when it comes to the mailbox. If you select this option, the above setting is irrelevant as you will never receive any messages that qualify as spam because they will be automatically deleted.

For more information about SpamAssassin and how scores are assigned, please see the related article.

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