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What are MagInternet's nameservers?

If you wish to manage your DNS from within Plesk, you must use our nameservers, they are:

Nameserver 1: ns1.maginternet.co.uk IP:
Nameserver 2:
ns2.maginternet.co.uk IP:
Nameserver 3: ns3.maginternet.co.uk IP:
Nameserver 4: ns4.maginternet.co.uk IP:

We also have some white label Nameservers:

Nameserver 1: ns1.pleskcp.co.uk IP:
Nameserver 2: ns2.pleskcp.co.uk IP:
Nameserver 3:
ns3.pleskcp.co.uk IP:
Nameserver 4: ns4.pleskcp.co.uk IP:

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