We are pleased to announce that PHP has been upgraded to 5.3.6 on our servers as part of our continued effort to provide the latest and most secure hosting environment for your websites.

This upgrade brings a few changes that you may need to address in your code.

register_globals is now OFF by default, anything relying on register_globals being ON such as using $username instead of $_POST['username'] will no longer

safe_mode is now ON by default, anything relying on safe_mode being OFF such as accessing scripts owned by a different user will no longer work

short_open_tag is now OFF by default, any scripts opening php code with a short open tag will no longer work

We recommend you modify your code to work with these new default settings as they are now DEPRECATED and will be completely removed at some point in the future. It will also make your site far more secure and less prone to being hacked. Should you still wish to override any of these settings, you can do so by creating a vhost.conf file in the conf directory in your webspace as described in our support database.

For a full list of depreacted features in PHP 5.3.x that will soon be removed, see the following link:


There are also some backward incompatible changes detailed here:


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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